Internet Resources to use at home

  1. Go to https://clever.com, click on “Log in as a Student” Find your school by typing “Emerson Wood” Student User Name 96…….# Password 096
  2.  i-Ready is the newest assessment used in grades Kindergarten through fifth for               reading and math skills. Students are benchmarked three times a year using this program and will be used to show student growth. From the benchmark, students are given personalized learning through the program lessons. There is also a “family center” which explains the program and provides tips for parents in helping their child get the best out of the program. Works best through Google Chrome and headphones are recommended. Ten to fifteen minutes per day is recommended.
  3. Keyboarding without Tears
  1. Renaissance Place

Within the program, students are given AR (Accelerated Reader) goals in grades 1-5 based on their own personal reading level. You can sign up for emails for results to your child’s AR test. After logging in, go to the top right corner of your child’s name and click “Email Setup.” AR books and levels can be found by clicking on “AR BookFinder.” If your child reads a book or you read to your child, they can come to school the next day and take the AR test, the results will be sent to your email. Students who reach their goals will be rewarded. Also, students have access to articles to read.

Go to http://hosted11.renlearn.com/34206/Homeconnect (Sometimes the site will redirect you to another school. Make sure our number 34206 is in the address)

User Name 96…….# Password first and last initial