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  • Home Instruction information is available on this site , West Virginia Home Educators Association's website's (www.wvhea.org), and Christian Home Educators of West Virginia's website (www.chewv.org). Wood County Public Library has information available on homeschool organizations in the Mid-Ohio Valley.
  • WV Code requires a onetime “notice of intent” to be submitted by the parent/guardian of the homeschooled student(s) to the county superintendent or their designee listing name(s), address(es), age(s) and grade level(s)(optional) of any child(ren) of compulsory school age. Notification to the county superintendent or their designee is required upon termination of home instruction for a child who is of compulsory attendance age or upon moving out of county.
  • The person or persons providing home instruction shall submit satisfactory evidence of a high school diploma, GED or equivalent along with application for homeschool. Provided, that if a child is enrolled in a public school, notice of intent to provide home instruction shall be given prior to withdrawing the child from public school.
  • Students in high school will not earn credits toward a high school diploma. The student has the option to take the TASC (GED General Education Diploma), a substitute for a high school diploma. Contact TASC office for more information, (304) 420-9508. If student returns to high school, the school is allowed to test student for placement.
  • For curriculum: Wood County Board of Education does not provide instruction/curriculum for homeschool students.Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools (Policy 2510) are available to assist you in the instruction of your student. These may be obtained online by accessing the WVDE website. If you are interested in obtaining Wood County School’s textbooks, contact Jason Wyers at jwyers@k12.wv.us to see if they are available for your student’s grade level (at no cost as long as they are returned by the end of the school year).
  • It is required that all home instructed students receive instruction in reading, language, mathematics, science and social studies with an assessment to be completed every school year and kept for a minimum of 3 years. Completed assessments are to be turned into the Wood County Board of Education for students in grades 3, 5, 8, and 11 by June 30 of such school year. Portfolio -- a portfolio of samples of the child’s work reviewed by a certified teacher. Parents/Guardians of students in grades 3-12 may choose to register their student for the Summative Assessment through the Board of Education or obtain other accepted yearly testing forgoing the portfolio option. When the academic assessment takes place outside of a public school, the parent or legal guardian shall pay the cost.If student is enrolled in an on-line school a portfolio of all completed work is to be submitted for reviewed by a certified teacher.

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