WV P-EBT Card Hotline Information

-- website now open --

West Virginia Pandemic EBT Card payments are beginning to arrive, and those with questions should contact the WV Department of Education through a hotline and website.

Parent/Guardians can call (304) 756-5431 if they have any questions as well as visiting www.wvpebt.org.

Those calling Wood County Schools directly will be directed to those resources. Wood County Schools does not assess or distribute WV P-EBT card payments.

  • The WV P-EBT public web site is live. It can be found by navigating from the WVDE main page – or by visiting www.wvpebt.org.
  • The web site has a lot of information you may find useful – including a brief video that explains the program and who is eligible, how it will work.
  • Basically, the most in-depth information available is going to land here and we recommend this be your “go-to” on FAQs, updates, and more.
  • The WV P-EBT call center is also live. Important: Call center representatives will be answering information and triaging callers. They will not have access to any private student data or information.
  • Call center number: (304) 756-KID1 (5431). Call center hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. EST
  • The P-EBT email account is monitored 5 days a week. It’s set up with an auto response that will occasionally change as new information is available. A coordinator in the Office is replying or redirecting each of these. That account is wvpebt@k12.wv.us