Fact Masters Program: For each grade level, students must meet certain criteria in regards to basic math operations on timed assessments. Fact Masters receive a T-shirt and are recognized on the announcements by Mr. Null.

Positive Behavior Incentive System: Students can earn a quarterly reward by qualifying in two of three areas:

1. Behavior- receive no more than 3 detentions &/or loss of recess to walk and 0 office referrals

2. Attendance*- have no more than 3 absences not excused by a doctor. Every 3rd tardy counts as an absence.

*absences/tardies excused by a doctor will not be counted against the attendance qualification

3. Work ethic- as per teacher policy in regards to homework, task completion, class participation, etc.

Kanawha Elementary will provide a safe, collaborative environment in which all students learn at high levels. 


  • This website is produced by the makers of the county's adopted Reading curriculum, Journeys. The site allows students to access a digital copy of the Reading text, as well as electronic assignments made by teachers and other online tools.

  • MYON https://www.myon.com/login/ Log in: 96# & wcs

  • This website allows students to read books online from a variety of genres. The site features a text reader so the book can be read aloud to assist struggling readers.

  • GSA test prep at home http://wvde.state.wv.us/assessmentoutreach/

  • This website provides resources to parents to understand and help prepare their student(s) for the WV General Summative Assessment. It's never too early to start practicing!