School Safety is Priority #1 at Wood County Schools


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Do you know something that needs to be shared? Let's keep our campuses safe. When you SEE Something, SEND Something.

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You can help keep our schools safe by using an app called See Something, Send Something, or See Send. If you notice anything strange or concerning, you can report it through this app. The information you provide will be shared with different organizations in West Virginia that work to keep us safe, like the West Virginia Emergency Management Division and local law enforcement.

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Click the QR code below or use your phone's camera to scan the code.

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Citizens Can Report Concerns Directly to the Fusion Center

Report drug activity, human trafficking, and other suspicious activity by visiting or by calling (304) 558-4831.

Wood County Schools thanks the following agencies for their assistance in keeping our students and all West Virginians safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Mobile Witness, creators of the See Send app, provides answers to the most common questions regarding use of the app.

Who receives my tips?
Tips are routed through a network of State Fusion centers run by State Police and State Offices of Homeland Security & Preparedness.

Will somebody send police?
No. If you require immediate police action or other emergency services dial 911.

Does the service work throughout the country?
Yes, geo-tagged tips are routed to the appropriate Fusion Center.

Do you actively track me or my location?
No. Photos and notes are geo-tagged at the time of submission but we do not actively track your location.

Can I remain anonymous?
All information associated with your tip submission will be protected and kept strictly confidential by law enforcement. If information you submit warrants additional investigation, it may be forwarded to the appropriate investigating agency on a need to know basis.

Will somebody contact me?
The system allows citizens to act as additional eyes and ears in the fight against terrorism. In rare instances an analyst may contact you for additional information if your tip is deemed of high value or connected to an ongoing investigation.

Why is the picture or note removed from my phone after I submit a tip?
If using the camera within the app to take a picture the image will be delivered to the appropriate Fusion Center and removed from the app. If a picture is submitted from the library of your phone the original will remain in the library of your phone.

Can I save pictures taken with the app before submitting?
No. If the picture sent is a previously taken image originating from the library of your phone the original image will remain in the library of your phone.

Can I recover pictures or notes after they are sent?
No. Pictures taken with the app and notes sent become the property of Fusion Centers and law enforcement. If the picture sent is a previously stored image from the library of your phone the original image remains in the library of your phone.

What happens if I knowingly submit information that is false?
Law prohibits the filing of false reports, if one knowingly submits false information to law enforcement, he or she may be arrested and charged with a crime dependent on the type of false report filed. If one knowingly gives false information to any law enforcement officer with intent to implicate another he/she is committing a crime punishable by incarceration and fine.

Does the application need to be open to receive alerts?
Yes. When the application is open it will periodically communicate with our server to retrieve active alerts in your geographic area.

Who is My Mobile Witness I see in the user agreement?
My Mobile Witness is the exclusive provider of the patent pending See Something Send Something technology used by State Fusion Centers and law enforcement.

Is my information given to third party advertisers, marketers or anyone other than law enforcement?
No. We do not and will not sell your information. We do not use your information for marketing purposes. We pass your information onto law enforcement when and if you submit a tip. See our privacy policy within the End User License Agreement of this application for details.

Is there a cost associated with using the service?
While there is no charge to download or use the See Something Send Something application, standard data rates apply. Check with your carrier regarding data plans, options and rates.

Terms & Conditions

To review the terms and conditions of using the See Send app, choose the 'info' menu item within the app and then choose 'policies.'