As parents, you have access to look and track your students on PBIS.

You can download the parent app and ask your child's teacher for the sign in information for your student.

You can download the app from Apple Store or Google Play.

Just make sure you download the Parent App.


Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies

We implemented this program about 10 years ago. We have been fully implemented for the last 9 years. Our PBIS app has been up and running for the last 4 years and fully operational this year with our school store and classroom stores available.

Let me tell you a little bit about the program.

Students are taught the PBIS expectations at the beginning of each school year. There are different expectations for different areas of the building. For example, restrooms, classrooms, hallways, playground, arrival, dismissal, assemblies, and cafeteria. Students are rewarded for meeting those expectations by receiving paw prints.

These paw prints can be traded in for prizes from the classroom stores weekly or they can save them and use them to purchase items using their paw prints from the school store.

At random, we have raffles for items that are donated to the school. If they have earned a certain number of paw prints during that time frame they are entered into a raffle for door prizes.

We also use PBIS to track discipline. Teachers can submit tracking sheets and office referrals using the app. Administration can access these tracking sheets and office referrals. This has saved time for the teachers and paper for the school.

PBIS has made a significant impact on student behaviors at JEC. Our discipline referrals have decreased each year that we have implemented the program. The students enjoy being rewarded, earning paw prints, and purchasing items using their paw prints from classroom stores and the school store.