It is the goal for the South Counseling Center for all students to graduate from high school prepared for their future - whether college bound, technically trained or otherwise.

Students are required to take 6 Personalized Electives as part of their Graduation Requirements. At least 4 of these electives should relate to a students future plans. Students should conference with their assigned Counselor at least once a year to discuss postsecondary plans, and how chosen Electives will aid in reaching goals.

  • For the College/University Bound - Electives should reflect the college/university entrance requirements and the desired path of study. Most 4-year colleges require 2 or more credits of Foreign Language. We highly recommend that students pursuing a college degree take a 4th science in order to be prepared for required college level sciences. Students will be required to take an entrance exam (ACT or SAT).

  • 2-year Technical School/Community College - These schools usually do not have specific course requirements for entrance, however, each school is different and within a school, certain programs may have specialized requirements. Be sure to consult the schools web-page or catalog for details. (This option can be used as a jumping off point for those that ultimately want a 4-year degree, but do not meet the entrance requirements for a 4-year college.) Students will need to take a placement test for Math and English. Schools usually offer their own tests, or will take scores from the ACT or SAT. Consider classes that are related to the desired area of study.

  • Military Bound - The general requirements for enlistment includes a high school diploma, but no specific course work. Students wishing to enlist should consider what their goals are within the Military when choosing electives. Electives that encourage physical fitness and health, as well as those that promote confidence, leadership and discipline are recommended. There is an enlistment exam (ASVAB), so academics should not be discounted. Classes to consider - Jun. Airforce ROTC, Lifetime Fitness, Weight Training, Human Services, Psychology, Foreign Languages

  • Workforce Bound - Students are encouraged to chose electives that are related to the area in which they may be employed. Courses that develop such skills as punctuality, responsibility, independence, computer skills, and social skills are recommended. Classes to consider - Baking & Pastry, Business Computers, Human Development, Personal Finance, Business and Marketing, Psychology

  • Other - Every student is unique and has their own ideas for their future. Be sure to discuss options with your counselor about what will help you reach your own goals.



Chart IV: Foundations for High-Quality Adolescent Education Programming (Grades 9-12) 24 credit required: 18 prescribed and 6 personalized

Chart IV Adolescent Education Programming (9-10, 11-12) Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements are effective for all students enrolled in school year 2014-15, and thereafter or as otherwise specified. Courses needed for graduation require mastery of approved content standards and objectives. Students should consult with their chosen postsecondary educational program when choosing optional upper-level courses. Students who do not demonstrate mastery of the approved content standards and objectives shall be provided extra assistance and time through personalized learning and support.

Graduation Requirements (18 prescribed)

English Language Arts

4 credits
English 9
English 10

English 11

English 12 or English 12 CR or Transition English Language Arts for Seniors

An AP® English course may be substituted for any of the above courses.


4 credits

Algebra Support

Algebra I (required)
Geometry (required)

Algebra II , Transition Mathematics, Financial Algebra, Algebra III (dual credit), College Stats (dual credit)

An AP® Mathematics course may be substituted for an equivalent course or any fourth course option.


3 credits
Earth & Space Science (Grade 9)
Biology (Grade 10)

One additional lab science course or AP® science course

Social Studies

4 credits
United States Studies or an AP® US History

Contemporary Studies or additional Social Studies Options AP Euro

World Studies or AP® World

Civics or AP® Government and Politics.

Physical Education

1 credit


1 credit

The Arts

1 credit
Art I, Chorus I, Band I, Dance I, Theatre I, Music Appreciation, or Piano

Graduation Requirements (6 personalized)

Personalized Education Plan

4 credits
Each student’s PEP will identify course work for the four (4) credits that will lead directly to placement in entry-level, credit-bearing academic college courses, an industry-recognized certificate or license, or workforce training programs. Best practices encourage students to take at least 1 AP® and/or AC course with corresponding examination, a fourth Science credit, and 2 credits in one World Language, and/or four credits cumulating in acquisition of industry and recognized Career and Technical Education (hereinafter CTE) credential focused on career aspirations.


2 Credits - (County Required)
The remaining graduation requirements are to be electives. When choosing electives, students should consult with their chosen postsecondary educational program to make sure the electives are acceptable.