Interest Inventories are "quizzes" that can help point you in the right direction of a career that may be a good fit for you, your goals and personality. They are mostly set up the same, with a series of job related tasks that you must rate if you would "Like" to do the task, or "Dislike" the task. There are no wrong answers.

Once you have a list of possible matches, do the research and really try to picture yourself having that career. Also, is the career even a valid choice in this area? If you are willing to move out of town or even the state, that may not be an issue. Is the cost of training vs. pay acceptable to you? Where would you get the training needed for this career?

  • Career One Stop - 30 question interest Profiler, detailed career profiles. Linked to the US Government's Department of Labor and O*NET data base. Other valuable resources on the site. National Data

  • CFWV - click "Career Planning" then "Learn about yourself" you will need to create a profile to access this inventory, keep your username and password if you'd like to come back. The occupational information on this site is a bit out of date and not complete. Use the list of suggestions given here on other occupational information websites (such as O*NET ).

  • Career Coac - Regional Data about careers, helps narrow down what is actually available in our area and average pay per hour in our region. Includes a short interest inventory. The region can be changed by clicking the globe in the top right corner and changing the zipcode and mile radius.

  • Zippia - - data from all over the country, explore which is the best state for your career path.