Desktop or Laptop PC

  • Go to

  • Click on Parkersburg South High School.

  • Log in using your 9-digit student ID number and your birthday (MMDD). The Login button is in the upper right hand corner.

  • Click on the Catalog tab across the top and then "FollettShelf" on the lower left side of the page.

  • Here you will find the eBooks available to open and read or checkout for two weeks. After two weeks the books automatically revert to the database. You can also create lists (bookbag) and return ebooks early if you wish.

Smart Phone or Tablet

  • Get the free Destiny Quest App from your app store. Enter the following url for Destiny Quest after opening the app.

  • Choose Parkersburg South High Schooll.

  • Log in using your 9-digit student ID number and your birthday (MMDD).

  • Search for books, create lists, place holds, and read eBooks.

  • To simply browse eBooks, click on the FollettShelf icon within the Destiny Quest app. This works best with a Wi-Fi connection

  • Discover Destiny is a free app that allows online and offline reading. After downloading the app, select WV and then select Parkersburg South High School. The username and password for Destiny Discover is the same as it is for Destiny Quest (9-digit ID number and birthday MMDD).

**A Wi-Fi connection may be needed for Destiny Quest on your portable devices.

**If you search "Follett" from your app store you may get different results depending on your device. but Discover Destiny is the most recent release and they are trying to make it more device inclusive.

**Use Destiny Quest Kindle Tablet Edition for your Kindle Fire for now.

**Updates to software and apps are occurring with some frequency. It should only be getting better!

As always, contact your librarian if you have questions.


Q: When can I come to the library?

A: The library is open before school, during the school day, and briefly after school. You can absolutely count on being able to check books out from 7:45 AM – 3:30 PM, but frequently those hours are extended in both directions. The library is open during lunch periods for computer use, reading, research, studying, etc. When coming to the library during class time you MUST show the librarian a pass and sign in at the computer, remembering to sign out when you leave. Signs will be posted on the library doors if there is a class in progress or if the computers are reserved during lunch periods.

Q: How many books can I check out?

A: If you have do not have any overdue books or unpaid fines, you can check out as many as five regular books and two eBooks. If you have outstanding issues, those numbers may be restricted.

Q: What if I can’t find what I need?

A: Please ask your library media specialist for help. If we don’t have it here, we may be able to get it elsewhere. Remember the library has many digital resources available for students also.

Q: What do I need in order to check out library materials?

A: Your student ID card is preferred, but the process may be completed with your student ID number.

Q: How long can I keep library materials that I’ve checked out?

A: Checkout duration for regular books and eBooks is 2 weeks. Videos can be checked out for 1 week, and Reference books must be used in the library.

Q: Why can’t I check reference books out?

A: Some of the reference books can’t be replaced because they’re out of print. The ones that can be replaced can be very expensive.

Q: But what if I don’t have time to sit in the library and use the reference books?

A: Zero in on which pages in which books have the information you need and ask at the circulation desk to have those pages photocopied.

Q: How do I check out eBooks?

A: There are help sheets at the circulation desk and on the bulletin board by the library. Ask your library media specialist if you need assistance. The number of eBooks available is increasing regularly

Q: How can I keep from getting library fines?

A: Return materials on time or renew them by the due date. You don’t need the book to renew. Stop in with your ID card/number.

Q: Can I use the library computers?

A: Absolutely! Anyone with a valid AUP on file may use library computers as they are available. AUP must be followed. If you need an AUP form, see your library media specialist.

Q: Can I use the printer in the library?

A: Of course! There is a ten cent per page fee unless you are in the library with your whole class accompanied by your teacher. Color copies can be printed for twenty-five cents each.

Q: Can I bring my lunch and eat in the library?

A: In order to maintain a nice facility for everyone, NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES are allowed in the library. Please eat your lunch in the cafeteria before coming to the library.

If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please stop in and ask your library media specialist.