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Welcome to Employee Resources. Information on this page is intended only for employees of Wood County Schools. Some links or documents require credentialed access to Schoology LMS. If you are applying for a position within the district, please find information and documents in the 'Careers' and in the 'Human Resources' menu items above.

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FMX - Work Order System

Wood County Schools has transitioned from SchoolDude to FMX, a more intuitive work order system designed to seamlessly integrate across maintenance, technology departments, and scheduling. To familiarize yourself with this exciting change, we encourage you to watch the introduction video to get started.

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Find your building's ETS

Each school in Wood County Schools has one or more Educational Technology Supports (ETS). ETSs are the point of contact between schools and the Management Information Systems (MIS) department. They are able to assist with troubleshooting basic computer and printer issues outside of their contracted day. They manage the schoolโ€™s webpage, distribute iPads to new students, help track inventory, and much more.

Find your building's TSS

Your buildingโ€™s Technology Systems Specialist, or TSS, is available to assist you withโ€ฆ

  • All Apple ecosystem issues

  • All Windows ecosystem issues

  • Printer installation and troubleshooting

  • Installation and maintenance of other hardware, such as ViewSonic ViewBoards

  • Software installation

  • Network issues

TSSs also monitor and ensure that all network systems are running properly.