Businesses & Organizations Partner with Wood County Schools

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Businesses and organizations of the Mid-Ohio Valley partner with Wood County Schools because they understand the importance of public education and our future work force.

Collaborating with one of our schools fosters trust with stakeholders, rallies support and resources for progress, enhances communication, and opens doors to meaningful philanthropic engagement. Does your business or organization wish to team up with Wood County Schools? To join a school/business partnership or get further details, reach out to the Chamber of Commerce via email at or by phone at (304) 422-3588.

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Williamstown, WV – A momentous partnership has been established between Williamstown Bank and Williamstown High School (WHS), aiming to enhance financial literacy among students significantly.

This initiative, facilitated by the Partner In Education Program, was ceremonially inaugurated at the school on October 19, 2023, at 1:30 PM. The collaboration sets forth a vision to empower students with essential financial skills, preparing them for a financially prudent future. Continue reading...

Image of group of people representing partners in education for Williamstown Middle High School

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Why do schools and businesses build partnerships?

There are several reasons why schools partner with businesses:

  1. Career Preparation: Partnering with businesses can provide students with hands-on experience in their desired career field, allowing them to gain practical skills and knowledge that they can apply to their future careers.

  2. Access to Resources: Partnering with businesses can provide schools with access to resources that they may not otherwise have, such as funding, equipment, and technology. This can help schools to enhance their programs and improve the learning experience for their students.

  3. Real-World Connections: Partnering with businesses can help students to make real-world connections and build professional networks. This can be especially valuable for students who are interested in pursuing careers in fields that require strong professional connections.

  4. Community Engagement: Partnering with businesses can help schools to engage with their local communities and build relationships with local employers. This can be beneficial for both the school and the community, as it can lead to increased collaboration and economic development.

Overall, school-business partnerships can provide a wide range of benefits for both schools and businesses, as well as for our students and Wood County community.

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