Instructions for Substitute Teacher Certification

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (2.0 or higher GPA) is required to substitute teach in Wood County Schools.

Enroll and complete the WVDE Policy 5202 coursework to become a substitute teacher. There are a few options for this:

a) Visit WV Learns,, to enroll (this course is provided at no cost). The course is named Initial Substitute Online Training, OR

b) Go to to enroll in a self-paced course to complete the course requirement. This option has a fee.

image of substitute teacher with child books in background

During this time, complete the following steps:

  1. Send an official university transcript to Stephanie Cunningham. or by US mail to 1210 13th Street, Parkersburg, WV 26101. An official transcript is required when applying for certification through the WVDE.

  2. Go to  If you’ve never held a West Virginia certificate previously, a Form 7 (fingerprint background check) is required. You cannot get your background check until after all the paperwork required for application is submitted by the county board of education to WVDE, because a code from the WVDE is necessary to obtain the background check.

  3. Complete online Form 2S for a Short-Term Substitute Permit, OR complete online Form 2L for a Long-Term Substitute Permit. Form 2L should be completed only if you have completed 12 credit hours in an endorsement area. If you obtain a Long-Term Substitute Permit, that will allow you to be a Short-Term Substitute in any area, as well (both forms aren’t needed).

  4. Apply to be a substitute teacher in Wood County. Go to our website  Click “Careers” at the top right, then scroll to “Professional Substitute.”

  5. Once your substitute permit has been approved by the state, and you’ve applied on our website as a Professional Substitute, we will schedule an interview with you. We will then place your name for board action as a Professional Substitute.

For information on becoming a certified teacher via alternative certification, visit