2024 Summer EBT


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The West Virginia Department of Education Office of Child Nutrition and the West Virginia Department of Human Services are teaming together to provide income-eligible students of West Virginia with supplemental food benefits for the summer of 2024.

  • Wood County Board of Education fully participates in the Community Eligibility Provision for free school meals and all students automatically received PEBT. The Summer EBT program is based on new federal guidelines. Not ALL students will be eligible for SEBT. Only income-eligible households are eligible.

  • If your family receives certain benefits like SNAP or WV Works/TANF, your enrolled child will automatically receive SEBT.

  • If you do not receive public benefits and you believe your household is income-eligible, you will need to complete an income application.

  • Complete an application at www.schoolcafe.com . Applying online is the most efficient way to apply. Please only submit one application per child.

  • If you need a paper application, you should contact your local DoHS (formerly DHHR) field office for more information.

  • Your child’s school and/or school district will not have applications nor accept completed applications.

  • Each eligible school-aged child will receive a one-time SNAP benefit all

    owance of $120 to help income-eligible families with the cost of providing their children with healthy foods during the summer months.

  • The projected issuance date is June 2024.

  • Prior to your student receiving their benefit, a letter addressed to them, in care of their parent or guardian, will be mailed to the address on file for that child. This letter is extremely important. It contains card activation and the case number information for the child. You will need to keep this letter. The information will be needed to access the SEBT benefits when you receive the Summer EBT card in a separate envelope.

  • The student’s benefit card will be mailed separately from their benefit letter. It will come in a plain white envelope with a Sioux Falls, South Dakota return address. Please watch for this envelope in the mail. You will need both the card from this envelope and the benefit letter you received separately for benefit activation.

  • Each eligible child will receive benefits on a card issued in the child’s name. The parent or guardian of that child is able to use the card to buy groceries for the child.

  • Benefits are time-sensitive, and they will no longer be available for use 122 days (about 4 months) from issuance. Once a benefit expires, it cannot be reissued.

  • A letter will be mailed, addressed to the child, in care of the primary guardian, to the address listed on the child’s school records or to the address listed on the child’s benefit case. If you have changed addresses or phone numbers within the last year, please contact your school as soon as possible to be sure this information is up to date on your child’s records.

  • For more information on this program to support income-eligible families, please visit www.wvsebt.org or call 1-866-545-6502.