Off-Campus Learning Options

Wood County Schools offers off-campus learning opportunities that provide parents and students with flexibility and choice. If you are currently homeschooling and looking for the chance to have your child learn from a fully-certified West Virginia educator, we have options available.

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Kindergarten through 8th Grade

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade may enroll in West Virginia Virtual school which uses the WV Learns platform.

What is West Virginia Virtual School?

Virtual learning enables students to maintain their connection with Wood County Schools while engaging in a county-approved online learning program. West Virginia public school students have the option to enroll in county virtual schools, which are free of charge and can be accessed either full time or part time, based on the students' specific requirements. Certified teachers from West Virginia will provide instruction to the students, ensuring that the virtual school experience matches the same level of educational excellence and rigor as a traditional classroom setting.


It's important to note that through collaboration with Wood County Schools, homeschool students can also take advantage of virtual course offerings.

High School

High schoolers have two options for off-campus learning.

  1. WCS High School Virtual Learning Program

  2. West Virginia Virtual School

Our High School Virtual Learning Program is a remote option that offers high school students the opportunity to learn from home under the direction of Wood County Schools' teachers and utilizes the Schoology platform.

The West Virginia Virtual School option also allows students to learn from home. This option utilizes the WV Learns platform.

Enroll your high schooler in option one or two by contacting the school counselor:

Parkersburg High School:

Parkersburg South High School:

Williamstown High School:


If you would like to enroll your child in one of these options, but have some questions, feel free to contact our central office.